What to take on hiking trips

What to take on hiking trips


Good clothing

Don’t wear anything cotton which are not good for keeping your body heat regulated properly. The best types of clothes are slow drying.


Take either a lightweight pair of trousers or shorts. Find out more about the best type of clothing here.

A good jacket

Buy something that is waterproof and breathable.

Excellent shoes

Footwear is vital when being outdoors. You should choose the right pair of shoes/boots according to how long your trip is and how rough the terrain is. For a short trip on good terrain you’ll need a much different type of shoes from a long trip on uneven terrain. Read more about the best type of hiking boots here.


It’s vital to take lots of water – you’ll need at least 2 litres of water per day, if you are hiking all day. Take a decent water bottle or two for carrying it. If you plan on doing overnight trips then take water purifier tablets along.


Take a decent quality backpack with good strap that will easily fit in everything that you need


Don’t bang on using technology like google maps etc, they may not work in many places in the world, so make sure you have a map and are able to read it. Similarily signposts may not always be totally accurate


Although you often need very little money for hiking sometimes you will need it, to buy something you’ve forgotten or to take a taxi etc


High energy snacks are the most important things to take along, as you’ll burn lots of calories when hiking.

Sun protection

Sun cream is vital because sunburn can be dangerous. Also take good protection for the lips such as Zinc oxide. Long sleeves and a hat are also important to keep the sun off your body.

Other things you might also consider taking

  • a penknife
  • first aid kit
  • toilet paper
  • pest spray